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Aquarium Overhaul




As an aquarium and pond owner for over 3 decades and by assisting many hobbyists with their own systems, I am well aware of how much work goes into an aquarium or pond – especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing!

That’s why it is so important to get guidance and knowledge from an expert.

Aquatic Specialties is dedicated in creating beautiful aquarium displays which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Whether it will be at home, office or lobby, your “living art” will be the centerpiece of any room. It is our goal to always exceed your expectations. Our most common comment from clients, once we finish their installation is, “I had no idea it would look this Amazing!.”  We can work with your ideas and offer suggestions to find the perfect design that will compliment your space. Aquarium custom cabinetry, room dividers, wall systems, and reef systems are just a few of the design possibilities.

Aquatic Specialties takes pride in all of our installations. Having installed well over 100 custom aquariums, we can definitely say that we have the experience to design and install any size unit. Most of our installations are completed within 24 hour  to 48 hours with a follow-up inspection to confirm that all equipment is operating properly.

After installing your new aquarium, a regular maintenance schedule can be set-up; otherwise, we’re happy to provide you with information about maintaining your new system yourself. We do our best to work with any budget, size, and situation. Contact us to get started on the (not-so-difficult) path to your dream “living art” aquarium!

Take the guesswork out of your aquarium with a regular maintenance schedule provided by Aquatic Specialties. We can service your aquarium twice weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This maintenance schedule also serves as a regular “checkup” for your livestock and equipment. Situations that are discovered early can be fixed, so that BIG problems are prevented in the future!

A few of the many benefits of this service include:

Healthy fish and invertebrates -Most important is the health of your fish and corals; scheduled water changes and preventative care keep your aquarium healthy, and helps prevent your system from crashing from a problem that could have been caught early on.

Consistently beautiful appearance - Aquariums are meant to be calming and beautiful, with water that’s crystal clear and glass that you can see right through.

Reduce clutter - Buckets, salt mix, test kits and cleaning equipment…where do you keep them? Which ones do you buy? We bring all necessary supplies, cleaning equipment and test important water parameters – all of this is included in our maintenance visit.

Access to Answers - When you’re an Aquatic Specialties client, you have access to a knowledgeable professional that knows your unique system. You can email, text or call…whatever your question, you can expect a response within a 1 business day.

Many living reef aquarium owners have systems that just don’t work very well. There are many possible reasons: poor filtration, poor lighting, insufficient maintenance, overcrowding -- just to name a few. We can help by analyzing your water parameters, diagnose the problem areas and recommend solutions. We can also do a thorough clean-out of your aquarium and upgrade your filtration and/or lighting system.